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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Geomorphology: Otanaha

Geomorphology field work 2015 was held at Otanaha Castle, Gorontalo. Otanaha castle was built at the top of the mountains so the landform can be observed clearly The field work was followed by students of class '15 at Geography Education Major, Earth Science and Technology Department, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo.

Field work includes the identification of landforms in the field work location. Students were given the ability to use compass, read a map and plot position on a map.

This field works are supervised by Intan Noviantari Manyoe, S.Si., MT (Lecturer), Febryant Masulili (Assistant Coordinator), Nurfauziah Kadir (Vice Koas), Alifia Widya Warapsari Badaru (Assistant), Mohamad Mokoginta (Assistant), Umar Zulkarnain Bakkar (Assistant), Fajri Fitrah Fidiyanto A. Rasyid (Co-Assistant), Muhammad Iqbal Asiki (Co-Assistant), Ayub Immaduddin Mooduto (Co-Assistant), Destira Handayani Eksan (Co-Assistant) and Fitry Handayani Putje (Co-Assistant).

Picture 1. Assistant Coordinator explains landform in the field work location

Picture 2. Icha's Group

Picture 3. Umar's Group

Picture 4. Amat's Group

Picture 5. Amal's Group

Picture 6. Iwid's Group

Picture 7. Assistant Coordinator, Assistants, Co-Assistant, and Students

Picture 8. Assistant Coordinator, Assistants, and Co-Assistant at Otanaha Castle

15/16 Gasal was done.

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